Curriculum Vitae

Mauro Piccinini, born in 1972 and living in Basel, Switzerland, is Doctor in Modern Letters. His dissertation on composer George Antheil gained him a “cum laude”. Later he obtained a post-degree diploma in Teaching Italian as Second Language (Rome, 2006), and in Didactics of the Italian (Rome, 2007). He worked three years in Switzerland teaching Italian for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2005-08). He is married, has one son, and lives near Bern.

As a scholar, he has worked mainly on American Avant-garde composers, specializing on Leo Ornstein and George Antheil. He is vice-president of the association “Les amis de George Antheil”, Paris, and has written many articles for the Antheil Newsletter, published on the web by He is currently working on a biography of Antheil. He has researched at Cambridge, Columbia and Princeton universities, and in major international libraries, such as the NYPL, Library of Congress, Bibliothèque Nationale de Paris, Berliner Staatsbibliothek and Curtis Institute Library, Philadelphia.